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Nature and exercise

Nature and exercise on the Gerlos pass

Lots of space for animals, plants and humans: sport and nature fun in the Alps

The Gerlos Alpine Road leads deep into the High Tauern National Park. The nature of Austria’s national park has enjoyed special protection since 1984. While the core zone is free of human interference, the extended protective zone consists of a unique natural and cultivated landscape that has been home to numerous animals, plants and humans for millennia. Opening up the Alps and developing an infrastructure in harmony with nature has created and continues to create a one-of-a-kind adventure world to this day: we tell you which unique and rare beauties of nature can be discovered along the Gerlos Alpine Road and how athletic your stay at the holiday region Zillertal Arena can be!
Outlook Gerlos Alpine Road

Animals in the Gerlos Alpine Road environment – High Tauern National Park

Go stalking the numerous large and small animals that have adapted themselves perfectly to life in this part of the Alps with a national park ranger or a hunter. The red deer rummaging through the forest in packs are probably the most impressive sight. The deer have mighty antlers and their mating calls can be heard far across the land in autumn. Roe deer, too, live in the thick forests and in open areas, where they find their food. Brisk chamois can be frequently found in rocky terrain. Fawns attempting wild leap-frogs between the rocks are particularly cute. Marmots can be found above the timber line, but only in summer as they hibernate for six to nine months a year.

Plants and vegetation areas by the Gerlos Alpine Road

The Gerlos Alpine Road runs from the valley up to an altitude of 1,628 m. You’ll cross several vegetation zones during your journey! The scope of natural cover ranges from thick forests to the scantily covered region near the timber line to rare high mountain flowers. Two areas by the high alpine road deserve your special attention: the plant world in close proximity to the Krimml Waterfalls is particularly rich in species with the grass an particularly luscious green due to the fine spray. Find a raised bog on the pass summit with plants exhibiting their very own range of colours. Please be aware that numerous plants in the High Tauern National Park are protected. Stay on the paths and do not pick them!

Exercise amidst divine mountain nature – the Zillertal Arena

The holiday region where the Gerlos Alpine Road is to be found is called Zillertal Arena. A number of localities have united in order to offer you a diverse leisure and sport programme in both summer and winter!

Activities in summer

•    400 km of hiking trails for unhurried and athletic mountain walkers
•    325 km of biking routes for cyclists, mountain bikers and e-bikers
•    Water sports at the Durlassboden reservoir: surfing, sailing, swimming
•    Canyoning, rafting, white water tubing at Zell am Ziller
•    Golf driving range at the Durlassboden reservoir lake and at the Uderns golf course
•    Activity programmes, family activities

Skiing and winter sport

•    Skiing on 143 km of slopes
•    51 railways and lifts up to an altitude of 2,500 m
•    Ski season from early December to late spring
•    Illuminated toboggan runs in Gerlos and Krimml
•    Ten ski and snowboard schools
•    200 km of cross-country ski runs
•    Five permanent racing tracks
•    Free ski bus

You see, it’s not just driving on the Gerlos Alpine Road that’s great. There’s much more to a holiday around the great panoramic road. See you soon on what is probably the most beautiful pass road between Salzburg and Tyrol!