Krimml Worlds of Water

a refreshingly different excursion destination

Krimml Worlds of Water are an interactive excursion experience for all the family in the Salzburg town of Krimml, at the starting point for the Gerlos Alpine Road. At the foot of the Krimml Waterfalls, which, with a fall height of 380 metres, are the largest waterfalls in Europe, the Worlds of Water invite you to play, experiment with and marvel at the element water. 

Fun for everyone!

Underwater experience world ‘Aquaszenarium’ in the waterfall center

look at, marvel & experience

Aquaszenarium in the waterfall center is an underwater experience world based around the element water. Here sensations and sensorial experiences bubble over for people of all ages. Why do we need water to live? Where does it come from? What power does it have within it? These are only three of many questions that will be answered here. On the viewing terrace, which provides views to the thundering waterfall, a world first awaits: a viewing telescope with 3D projection! When your thirst for knowledge has been quenched, treat yourself to a break in WasserWunderBar. 

Aquaszenarium at the Worlds of Water | ©

The ‘Gesichter des Wassers’ exhibition in ‘Haus des Wassers’

the journey of an element

The ‘Gesichter des Wassers’ (Faces of Water) exhibition in ‘Haus des Wassers’ whisks you off on an inspiring journey to learn about water. It all starts with a tiny little H2O molecule, continuing via vapour and mist, then on to drops and snow crystals, to then finally end up in streams and lakes. The last entry in the ‘water travel diary’ is its resting place in the eternal ice of the Antarctic. Also in ‘Haus des Wassers’- the interactive ‘WasserKino’ (‘water cinema’) and the Swarovski telescope which provides a crystal-clear view to Krimml Waterfalls.

Room of the exhibition "Faces of Water" | ©

Refreshingly fun outdoor invigoration in Aquapark

WAter-games & experiments

When heads are spinning and feet are itching to move after a visit to indoor exhibitions, it’s high time to head to the Aquapark! After all, the outdoor area at Water Worlds Krimml provide so many invigorating options! Meet Aquamax and get an idea of the power of water. Enjoy a game of aqua foosball, or test out the water festoon. A wide range of water play and experiment stations provide fun for all the family. And the Kneipp facilities re-invigorate even the weariest of spirits.

Krimml Worlds of Water, girl playing with a water game | © Stabentheiner

Virtual waterfalls: Multimedia Guide 'Krimml Waters'

listen in & get in the mood

Anyone who is already yearning for an excursion to Water Worlds Krimml, can now download the Multimedia Guide Krimml Waters for free to their Smartphone, via the ‘Locandy App’ in the Play and Appstore – then head out straight away on a virtual tour to the thundering waterfall and learn exciting, scientific and physical facts.

Multimedia Guide

View to the Krimml Waterfall | ©

The perfect excursion trio:

Krimml Worlds of Water, Waterfalls & Gerlos Alpine Road

Each and every year, some 50,000 guests from all over the world visit Krimml Worlds of Water. This makes the contemporary visitor center next to Krimml Waterfalls one of the most popular sights in Salzburg! And these two, combined with the Gerlos Alpine Road, make for an ideal excursion trio! 

Tip: Purchase the great value combi ticket for Krimml Worlds of Water, the waterfall path and parking fees at P4 and P5 parking lots Worlds of Water!

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The Krimml Worlds of Water are open daily from 09:00-17:00 - last admission is at 16:30. The combined ticket includes the parking fee for parking lot P4 or P5 (P5 for cars only!).