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Gerlos Alpine Road is an important mountain pass from Salzburg to Tyrol. On its total of 69 kilometres, this mountain road, which is entirely in the west of the Salzburg area of Pinzgau, provides so many opportunities to explore the Alpine landscape between Krimml and Tyrol’s Zillertal. These days it is barely unimaginable that this well-developed road was nothing more than a cart track in the time of Salzburg’s prince-archbishopric, on which the Tyrolean’s transported gold to Salzburg. An exciting history lies behind the genesis of Gerlos Alpine Road! In addition, this wonderful experience road doesn’t stint on pleasure and delicious treats! Your corporeal well-being is taken care of in the cosy Alpine inns and restaurants with hearty speciality dishes! 

Gentle curves


Curves & hairpin bends

for car fans, motorbike enthusiasts & old-timer drivers

Along with Krimml Waterfalls and Krimml World of Waters, Gerlos Alpine Road is one of the most popular excursion destinations in Salzburger Land! Car drivers, motorbike riders, old-timer drivers and bus tours from all over the world head out on to Gerlos Alpine Road. We provide you with support when it comes to planning your very own road trip, with practical tips for safe driving.  

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