Experience Gerlos Alpine Road with no obstacles & barriers It is hugely important to Grossglockner Hochalpenstrassen AG - the operating company for Gerlos Alpine Road, Krimml Worlds of Water and other lovely panoramic roads in Austria – to ensure that all their offers and facilities, whether it is on site along Gerlos Alpine Road, in the adventure worlds at Krimml Worlds of Water, or even online, have as few barriers as possible, so everyone can experience the sights, attractions and the natural surroundings independently.

Barrier-free adventures on Gerlos Alpine Road & in Krimml Worlds of Water

The Gerlos Alpine Road is generally very suitable as an excursion destination for people with restricted mobility. The Krimml WaterWorlds also offer various barrier-free experiences:

Along Gerlos Alpine Road 

  • Barrier-free accessible viewing points to Krimml waterfalls - from all car parking areas!

In Krimml Worlds of Water 

  • The waterfall center with Aquaszenarium and WasserWunderBar provide barrier-free accessibilty 
  • Aquapark provide barrier-free accessibility, however some sections of the route have inclines 
  • Haus des Wassers’ and the ‘Gesichter des Wassers’ (Faces of Water) exhibition have barrier-free accessibility, with a lift in the building

Barrier-free WC facilities 

  • Cash point Gerlos Alpine Road
  • Parking lot P4 at Krimml Worlds of Water with barrier-free access to Kürsinger Platz at the foot of Krimml Waterfalls 
  • WasserWunderBar in Krimml Worlds of Water

Gerlos Alpine Road, Worlds of Water & waterfalls

for the visually impaired

For the visually impaired, our free multimedia guide Krimml Waters provides an acoustic image of Krimml Worlds of Water and its attractions, as well as impressions of Krimml waterfalls and the surrounding area. The audio guide proceeds station by station, providing invigorating stories about the sights and is available to downloaded to your smartphone from the comfort of your own home. 

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Gerlos Alpine Road barrier-free website

Grossglockner Hochalpenstrassen AG endeavours to makes its websites accessible, in line with the Federal Act on barrier-free access to websites and mobile applications (Web Accessibility Act – WZG) BGBl. I. No. 59/2019 idgF. 

We are aware that we have not set up our website in a way which provides the maximum possible accessibility. However, we are endeavouring to continually make improvements to provide as much accessibility as possible, so all users can enjoy the perfect user experience.

Should you encounter obstacles that prevent you using this website – problems that are not outlined in the accessibility declaration below, or shortcomings in relation to the observance of the Accessibility Act – we would ask you to let us know. E-mail us at info@gerlosstrasse.at Please state the problem and provide the URL(s) for the site or document in question. We will deal with your request as quickly as possible, try to solve the issue and get back to you.