Krimml Waterfalls:

a fantastic sight in Salzburg Land

They are impressive! They are mysterious! They are unique! Krimml Waterfalls! At a height of 380 metres in total, these masses of water in the Pinzgau town of Krimml thunder down to the depths below via three cascades. This makes Krimml Waterfalls the biggest waterfall in Europe and the fifth biggest waterfall in the world! Or put another way – this wild, untamed natural spectacle is a must-see! Some 400,000 guests from across the globe are attracted to Krimml Waterfalls every year.


The fascination ofwild waterfalls

Wild water
View up to the Waterfall | ©

Krimml Waterfalls are an impressive natural spectacle – the masses of water thunder into the valley. This creates spray and mist – within in touching distance. And it is precisely in this fine mist that the secret of the healing effect of Krimml Waterfalls lies! After all, it has been scientifically proven that a treatment at Krimml Waterfalls helps asthma, allergies, stress-related illnesses and issues with the vegetative nervous system and the effects are long-lasting. The health initiative ‘Hohe Tauern Health’ is dedicated to the theme of Krimml Waterfalls and health, with numerous offers available for adults and children.

Wild Water
Aerial photograph of Gerlos Alpine Road and Krimml Waterfall  | ©

Krimml Waterfalls not only have a positive effect on asthma and allergies, but also on stress and exhaustion. Enjoying a stay in this fresh air, filled with spray and mist, also strengths the immune system in the long term. During the hot summer months in particular, Krimml Waterfalls, Krimml Worlds of Water, combined with a road-trip via the Gerlos Alpine Road provide an ideal ‘coolcation’ – and is quite simply a refreshingly different excursion destination.

Wild water
Gerlos Alpine Road, view of Krimml and the waterfalls | ©

For many centuries, the water from Krimml’s Ache flowed unheeded above the mountainside. It was only at the turn of the 19th century that romantics who were keen on the mountains, made these untamed forces of nature at Krimml Waterfalls known to the world, via their pictures. Then Alpinists arrived and conquered the mountains. And with the construction of the railway, the waterfalls finally became a magnet for tourists. Since 1984, the falls have been under conservation protection, as part of the Hohe Tauern National Park.

Wild water
Krimml Waterfall | ©

Water has impressive powers – in a physical as well as a spiritual sense. Over the three cataracts of Krimml Waterfalls, every second on average 5.6 cubic metres of water plunge into the valley. This creates an output of 17,000 kilowatts, which would be enough to meet the average electricity requirement of 40,000 households for a year! Little wonder then that in the 20th century, the energy sector became greatly interested in the power output of Krimml Waterfalls. While the spiritual power of the water attracts faiths and religions. 

With Krimml Worlds of Water, Krimml Waterfalls has become one attraction richer! Experience the untamed waterfalls and the experience-packed Worlds of Water combined with a trip on Gerlos Alpine Road! Get information now on how to get here and about opening times and prices

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