Break at the Fuschertoerl

The Glocknerkönig

Glocknerkönig cycling and running event

From Bruck and Ferleiten up to the Fuscher Törl at 2,428 m above sea level

What an athletic feat: those daring to take another shot at the “tour de force” on the Grossglockner are really determined! You have three different options to be crowned “Glocknerkönig” or king of the Glockner. The combined classification with the Grossglockner Bike Challenge leading from Heiligenblut to the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe is new. We will introduce you to the Glocknerkönig classic & light and inform you about the Glockner road run. Let’s go!
Panoramic image of the road

Glocknerkönig classic: from Bruck to the Fuscher Törl

The classic version of the Glocknerkönig takes you along 27 km of road. It starts on Bruck village square and leads across 1,694 highly multifaceted and pretty strenuous altitude metres with a gradient of up to 12%. The food point on the Piffkar at km 20 provides a welcome break. Your performance in the previous two years – and, ultimately, race management, determine your starting block.

Glocknerkönig light: from Ferleiten to the Fuscher Törl

The starting point of this shorter version of the race is at Ferleiten road charge desk with a sporty programme of 12.5 km of 1,330 altitude metres. Glocknerkönig classic and light have time-delayed starts in order to guarantee optimum biking conditions for both contests. Both races are open to amateurs and pros grouped into various age categories. Starting block regulations are the same as those for the classic race.
Finish at the Fuschertoerl

How to participate in Glocknerkönig classic or light

Best sign up for participation in good time online. Registration closes after the deadline! You pay a registration fee that includes various services, such as transport of clothing, buses for changing in the finish area to a starting present. Receive your number plus chip at the race office at Raiffeisenkasse on Bruck village square. The race is only open to race bikes and mountain bikes! Please note that helmets are mandatory for participation. The Glocknerkönig is held in any weather – please decide yourself whether to participate or not. The award ceremony takes place after the end of the race in the music pavilion in Bruck. If teams sign up, the four best drivers are judged.

Glocknerkönig road run: on foot to the Fuscher Törl

The road run taking place on the same day as the bike race on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road is already well established. Approx. 300 participants tackle the route from Ferleiten to the Fuscher Törl on foot. The location of the race office, execution of the event and facilities are the same as for the Glocknerkönig bike race. Starting blocks depend on age categories; the chip built into your start number measures your time.

All details for taking part in the Glocknerkönig road run! 

You’d like to visit the Grossglockner High Alpine Road even before the next Glocknerkönig? Find out more about the opening hours and road charges now!
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