Playground with mountains in the background

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Playgrounds along the popular alpine road in Austria

Car rides are so boring, no matter how beautiful the mountains outside the window might be. At least that’s what rugrats, mountain detectives and highly active kiddos say. Fortunately, there are enough options for play and rummaging about along the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. There’s also a lot knowledge to learn while having fun at the themed playgrounds. The parents, in the meantime, can enjoy a break with view of the many 3,000 m peaks and the Glocknermassiv. We present our four lovingly designed themed playgrounds: let’s go off to the next family trip!
Playground with mountains in the background

Piffkar playground, 1,620 m

The sand and water playground “Die Goldgräberstätte” (Eng. “The Gold Digger Site”) fascinates children with a spider cave, the witch’s house, hidden gullies and the bird observation tower. Next to the children’s playground is an educational nature trail for a 30-minute walk: discover the special Lärchen-Wiesen preservation area together with your offspring.

Hochtor playground, 2,504 m

“Schneevergnügen am Hochtor” (Eng. “Snow Fun at the Hochtor”) in the middle of summer: kids slide down a natural snow course and have lots of fun during a snowball fight. They also learn interesting facts about the hem trade at this apex of the ancient mountain pass trail.

Schöneck playground, 1,953 m 

Children learn everything of the development from the egg to the butterfly at this themed playground, “Ei zum Schmetterling”, amidst the Glockner meadows with a profusion of flowers. They can try themselves what it feels like to move like a caterpillar. Monkey bars, seesaws and a mini ropeway are the attractions of this playground.
Two Marmots on a meadow
Two Marmots

Observe alpine animals: unforgettable experiences for children

Children are particularly taken by the cute marmots. The facetious alpine residents are the paragons for the mascot MURMI, who accompanies the entire family during a drive on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. Real marmots can be seen on the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe. Show your children the mighty ibexes during a hike to the Gamsgrube or from the look-out on the Höhe. Discovering the delicate Mountain Apollo or the alpine salamander are memories your children will certainly treasure.

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